Corporate Construction

Christchurch Corporate Construction

Corporate construction projects can be a minefield.

The challenges presented by large corporates or government funded institutions can be many and varied. They can present as several partners/interested parties which have different requirements or agendas through to specialist environments such as schools and hospitals.

NZ Build is a construction company that has extensive experience working and successfully completing projects in these environments and has developed various systems and processes to ensure that all parties are fully informed. One key aspect of these projects is ensuring everyone involved fully understands the lines of communication required to complete these projects on time and within budget.

Our robust & transparent pricing and Variation systems provide you with confidence that the financial constraints and timeframes that can cause issues with these projects are kept to an absolute minimum.

NZ Build has a very strong and robust Health & Safety culture which is driven from the top down. This is also transferred to and expected of all our sub contractors and suppliers. We have experience working with various Health & Safety advisors including HazardCo and Site Safe, with all our site staff being Site Safe card holders.

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